Wallet Masternodes

After adding masternode to masternode.conf I get an error on open?

This is commonly caused by extra lines and whitespace. Try removing all extra characters and empty lines from the masternode.conf file and restart/open the wallet.

Added a masternode to the masternode.conf file but it's not listed?

Upon initial addition of a masternode it might not show after the wallet restart. To get the masternode to show and to start it click on Start MISSING.

Masternodes tab shows incorrect information on start?

In order for the wallet to show the correct information for your masternode(s) it needs to sync with the network. Another thing to note is that the status updates about every minute, to speed up this process the Update Status button can be used.

Listed masternodes still show old information?

  1. Close the wallet
  2. Go to the Methuselah data directory
    • ~/.methuselah for linux
    • ~/Library/Application Support/methuselah for osx
    • %appdata%\methuselah for windows
  3. Delete the mncache.dat file
  4. Restart the wallet
Last updated on 20th Jul 2018