SAP Track

Methuselah's Future

Instead of regurgitating the same old flow of every other altcoin in the ecosystem. The SAP team has decided to implement a specific use case for the Methuselah blockchain. After several discussions internally amongst the core team, we have agreed that a botanicals tracking system would be a perfect fit for the image of Methuselah and our desire to have a positive impact on the world.

Imagine being able to scan a QR code on a purchased natural product and having the power to truly see each step of the product's existence. Everything will be tracked, from the location it was grown to the chemicals used, including all distribution and processing methods. Not to mention the increase in safety, user awareness, and faster response to potential hazards. The blockchain provides an ideal solution to these issues.

The change - the payment gateway, zerocoin, etc. will be replaced with "SAP-Tracking" related information.

If you have any questions or comments please communicate.

Thank you for your time, continual support, and stay tuned for the upcoming release that will include a security update and compatibility changes for a listing on and upcoming announcements about the tracking system.

Have a great day/night!

Last updated on 17th Oct 2018